Partner Programs for Developers ERP

Our Partner Program offers Organizations and Developers an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solution for a multitude of integration options (various gateways to direct integration/API releases).

All are simple to use and integrate. We work with and support numerous applications: VARs, Business Management Software, eCommerce, Mobile Payments, Online Payments, and more.

Most Developers are “Leaving Money on the Table” by not capitalizing on the revenue from payment processing and in most current relationships, the “Preferred Processor” receives the majority of the revenue. At Flat Rate Processing, we completely “flip” this traditional model. We give you (the developer) the overwhelming majority of the revenue from YOUR relationships.

Our payment solutions meet and exceed industry data security standards (PCI DSS) saving our Partner Developers significant time and resources.

We fully support our Developer programs with free marketing, as well as world-class merchant support.

  • Marketing programs are customized for each partner to maximize enrollment
  • We deliver unparalleled merchant support
  • We offer extremely competitive FLAT RATE processing fees to all customers because this is the most simple and transparent pricing model available

Join our Partner Program today! Getting started is easy.